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Grades: Understanding Kitchen Cabinets Denver Homeowners Incorporate in Remodeling

February 19, 2016

Remodeling your kitchen cabinets can improve the functioning of your cabinets, adorn the appearance of your kitchen, and increase the value of your home. However, deciding which grade of cabinets to select can be a difficult process. The grade of a kitchen cabinet set generally refers to the quality and features that accompany the given type of cabinet. If you are remodeling your kitchen, it can help to learn about the different grades of Denver kitchen cabinets from which you can choose.  

Most kitchen remodeling companies in Denver can provide stock cabinets, which can be the most affordable options for cabinetry. Stock cabinets are mass produced by manufacturers, come in a specific set of sizes, and the sizes usually differ by three-inch increments. Certain disadvantages are commonly associated with stock cabinets. For instance, the mass-produced cabinets can constrict you with a limited amount of available options regarding the styles, designs and colors of the cabinets. Being required to choose from a limited set of options can impair your ability to find a stock cabinet set that is appealing to your aesthetic desires and appropriate for your kitchen. Additionally, the inexpensive material utilized to manufacture stock cabinets can render the material vulnerable to become damaged and to require periodic maintenance repairs. Additionally, stock cabinets tend to be generally lower quality, and in terms of customization, they are typically quite limited. 


The top kitchen remodeling companies can also install semi-custom cabinets. Semi-custom cabinets represent a balance between stock grade and custom grade cabinets. While the cabinet sets are manufactured in large bulks that make them relatively affordable, you can also have adjustments and alterations made to modify the cabinets according to your particular preferences. The flexibility of semi-custom cabinets can enable your remodeling experts to add features or adjust the finishes of the cabinets. The professionals can also make adjustments to the sizes of the semi-custom cabinets according to the spatial and depth needs of your kitchen. In contrast to fully custom cabinets, the semi-custom cabinets work for the majority of renovations or remodels and rarely have limitations. At HTI Granite & Cabinetry, we offer a vast range of options for semi-custom cabinets, and can customize sizes, colors, and just about any alteration you might require.


Custom cabinets are higher grade option for Denver kitchen cabinets, but typically outside the spectrum of most projects. Typically, those looking for fully custom cabinetry are seeking extremely rare or unusual materials or fabrication and will usually work with a carpenter. While custom cabinets are more expensive than other options, the diversity of options and the unique customization of the cabinets can substantially enhance the beauty and value of your home. Another avenue for requiring a fully custom job is the need for replacing a single door or other part of a cabinet – needing to match the existing kitchen cabinets. While most homeowners do not order custom cabinets, it can make sense for certain circumstances, and the experts at HTI can recommend your best option.  

Contact HTI Granite and Cabinetry to install your optimal kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Our expert staff is revered throughout Colorado for fulfilling superior and personalized kitchen remodeling projects. We have access to the best products available, we can effectively handle every step of your remodeling project, and we would be glad to customize your cabinets to maximize the gorgeous appearance of your kitchen and the luxurious atmosphere of your home.