Cabinets in Denver


With so many homeowners and designers taking on renovations and remodels of homes in Denver, cabinets become a major focus – as they can create an entirely new feel for a kitchen or bathroom. Old, worn cabinets are the first thing to go when refreshing a kitchen, with the new cabinets providing a clean, up-to-date style that has countless customizations available. From finishes to wood species, the choices are endless – so be sure to consider all your options.

Consider Your Options for Smart Solutions

Apart from the aesthetic value new cabinetry adds to your kitchen or bathroom, consider the increase in functionality. Use the renovation to not only replace your dated cabinets, but to create smarter storage solutions customized to your personal needs.

HTI has done the shopping for the consumer by selecting the leading US manufacturers of top quality cabinetry. By visiting our well-equipped showroom you will be able to examine hundreds of door styles in many wood types and finishes to suit your taste.



Our team specializes in providing custom designs specifically for our customers, so come visit our showroom today to start building your dream kitchen or bathroom.