Silestone Countertops in Denver

Silestone Quartz is a fabricated material with top of the line features in terms of strength and enhanced capabilities for cleanliness. It is the only material built with the incorporation of antimicrobial agents within the stone. This allows your countertops to stay cleaner, longer. This element fights the growth of bacteria and mildew and wards away unwanted odors.

Resilient and Luminescent Material

The composition of this stone is incredibly durable, ranking high on the hardness scale. Throughout the slab, the density remains consistent and with its non-porous qualities, is ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Apart from its enhanced functionality, Silestone is also a beautiful material. The distinctive colors match its luminescent sheen and combined with a unique cut and edge design, provides countless options to suit any aesthetic.


In addition to all that Silestone offers aesthetically, it also carries all of the wanted qualities in a stone countertop of resisting heat, stains, and scratches. View our galleries to browse the options of Silestone and compare it to other types of materials as well.

Prioritizing Kitchen Remodeling in Denver

November 7, 2018

When gearing up for kitchen remodeling in Denver, it can be hard finding a place to start. There are so many ideas you have and projects to tackle that it can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, you can count on local home remodeling experts to guide you through the process. As you prepare to start your kitchen remodel, use these kitchen prioritization go-to’s to create a plan for your project. 

Establish Priority Items

Your first item of business when it comes to your premier kitchen remodel is budget. Identify how much you will be able to borrow or save up for that is reasonable for an investment. Next, consider any future goals. Will this be your forever home and kitchen? Or do you plan on selling down the road and need to make a smart decision for potential buyers? Once you have established a budget and future goals, begin making a list of all the things you need to do for your remodel. Consider what space needs you have, layout configurations, and overall look and feel. A kitchen remodel should make the space more functional and practical. 

Wish List Items 

Everyone has their dream kitchen ideas, right? As you are establishing your priority items, don’t hesitate to make a wish list. These are things you can compromise on but can be helpful to have on-hand when you have flexibilities with your budget. These can be for additions such as durable paint, beautiful light fixtures, upscale appliances, and more. 

Choosing Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets will be one of the biggest purchases you make for your premier kitchen remodel. Once you have your layout, you can work with your local cabinet expert to find a material and layout that best suits your needs. Next comes design. Make sure when choosing kitchen cabinets for a remodel, you choose a style that fits the theme of your home. 

Matching Countertops

In conjunction with picking out cabinets, it is important to pick the perfect stone for your countertops. A quality stone that will stand up to the day-to-day demands of a kitchen is quartz. It can handle coming in contact with extreme heat. In addition, quartz is a non-porous stone. This means water and other liquids can’t infiltrate and cause bacteria and other unhealthy issues from occurring. Granite is another ideal stone for kitchens. It has unique and lively patterns. Plus, you can have granite sealed to help keep out unwanted bacteria. 


Another crucial step in your kitchen remodel is new flooring. You can choose from some of these top methods that will factor into any budget: 
  • Cork
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum
  • Stones
  • Vinyl
  • Tile

To help you through your kitchen remodeling process, HTI Granite & Cabinetry is your top expert for the Denver area. We cut out the middleman allowing you to buy great cabinets, counters, and more at prices you can afford. We will also help you find ways to save on your kitchen remodeling in Denver, too. Call us today at 303-592-9090 to set up a time to speak with our friendly staff. 

Denver Bathroom Countertop Buying Guide

October 24, 2018

Counters play in integral role in any quality bathroom remodel. It is important to choose the best Denver bathroom countertop that meets your needs and fits the style of the room. However, you may be wondering “where do I begin?” Deciding on a counter does not have to be hard. In the top four types of premier bathroom counters, you will find features and attributes perfect for what you are looking for that best fit your goals. Use this guide to decide if granite, quartz, onyx or silestone is best for your remodel. 

  • Basics: Granite is a hard, igneous rock with several grains. This gives it a set of unique patterns, mixing in multiple colors. 
  • Benefits: This type of counter handles heat well, so if a hot curling iron or straightener is set on it for a short period of time, it is less likely to damage it. When sealed, it adds a layer over the granite’s pores, so bacteria will not infiltrate it. 
  • Cost Factor: Granite is one of the top types of affordable counters. You can also save when looking into pre-fabricated slabs. 

  • Basics: Quartz counters are hard rock made a majority of ground quartz mixed in with other resins and other fragments. 
  • Benefits: This type of counter does not scratch easily and is nonporous. A nonporous material is helpful as it does not need to be sealed to keep bacteria out. 
  • Cost Factor: Quartz tends to be slightly higher spectrum of counter prices. It tends to cost slightly more than granite. 

  • Basics: Onyx is constructed of calcite, which you can find in caves. It tends to have a swirl-like pattern, similar to marble. 
  • Benefits: This type of stone is bold. You can find it in a variety of colors, creating a dramatic impact to any bathroom. It can scratch more easily, so it is ideal in powder rooms that do not have as much foot traffic. 
  • Cost Factor: Onyx counters are higher than average in terms of cost for counters. 

  • Basics: Silestone is a mixture of quartz and other natural, durable materials. Colors tend to be solid with a few shimmers that help it pop. 
  • Benefits: This type of counter is nonporous, making it an ideal choice in bathrooms. It is also strong, making it perfect for busy bathrooms. 
  • Cost Factor: Silestone ranks near the top in terms of stone counters. 

Keep in mind, when purchasing bathroom counters, prefabricated slabs in your home can cut costs. Learn more about stones, including prefab granite countertops vs. slab, to make go-to counter decisions.  

When it comes to making decisions for your remodeling project, HTI Granite & Cabinetry is here to help. Our local showroom staff is experienced with countertops, cabinets, and more to bring your project to life. With a team of experts at your service, we will help you find the perfect construction for your counters that best suits your needs. Explore our color and décor ideas for your new Denver bathroom countertops and call us today at 303-592-9090 to schedule an appointment.  

How to Simplify Your Denver Bathroom Remodeling Project

October 10, 2018

You might have been dreaming about upgrading your master bath or improving the look of the guest bathroom, but you have been worried about the complexity of the project. But when it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are ways you can simplify the process—and save some money as well.

Decide on the Aesthetic

This a fancy way of saying you should think about design, colors, and finishes before you get the project started. Are you trying to turn your en suite into a spa-like sanctuary? Or do you need to make a bathroom used by all three of your kids into a more serviceable space? Before you start tearing things down, make a list of the important details you need from the space, including:
  • Layout
  • Shower and tub area
  • Vanity and sink (including number of sinks)
  • Storage
  • Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Finishes, such as flooring, tile, and paint
  • Decide on a Budget
According to the experts at HomeAdvisor, the average bathroom remodeling project costs around $10,000. Be realistic about what you can afford when you are shopping for all the pieces you’ll need for the project. You’ll soon see that the price of a new vanity, for instance, can vary widely. So can the prices for tiles. Plan accordingly to ensure you stay within budget.

Decide What Will Be Do-It-Yourself Versus Hiring the Pros

Your budget along with your skillset will probably dictate what you can do yourself—and what you should leave to the professionals. For most people, plumbing and electrical are best left to the pros because those are the areas that require the most knowledge. But you can paint yourself. And learning how to lay tile is another area that many do-it-yourselfers can learn and save quite a bit of money.

Decide on a Timeline

When a bathroom is under construction, it can’t be used by your family. Plan your project from start to finish so you avoid having an unusable room for months rather than weeks. Be realistic about how long everything will take.
With proper planning, a solid budget, and some professional help, a bathroom remodeling project doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Follow the tips in this article to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible. Soon you’ll have a space you and your family can enjoy—and that will give you a great return on investment when it’s time to sell.

The team of professionals at HTI Granite and Cabinetry is ready to help you get your Denver bathroom remodeling project off the ground. By upgrading your bathroom, you will not only add value to your home should you decide to sell, but you can get years of enjoyment out of it in the meantime. At HTI Granite and Cabinetry, we can help you with your entire project, from start to finish. If you want to do some of the work yourself, and we are happy to work with you in whatever capacity you need.
Call us at 303-592-9090 or reach us via our website to get your bathroom remodeling project started. Our experts are here to help you. Contact us today! 

Is It Time to Remodel or Replace Your Denver Cabinetry?

September 26, 2018

Take a good look at your home—especially the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. If you are troubled by the way they look, or if you are just tired of their appearance, perhaps it’s time to say goodbye and welcome new cabinetry into your Denver home. You might be pleasantly surprised at the options available today that can give your kitchen or bathroom a complete facelift just by redoing or replacing the cabinets.
Here are some signs that you might just be ready to renovate.

You Want to Completely Overhaul Your Kitchen or Bathroom

If you have been living with a kitchen with a layout that simply doesn’t work for you and your family, it might be time to plan a new kitchen floorplan. Or perhaps you need better storage in the bathroom. You might be able to preserve your existing cabinets with a redesign and simply put a fresh coat of paint on them and add new hardware, giving them a completely updated look. (Or you might want to simply shop for new cabinets altogether! Take a look at our cabinetry page for more information and for ideas.)

Your Cabinets Are Damaged

If you have cabinet doors that don’t close all the way or if there are random dark spots on the surface, they may have suffered from water damage. Wooden cabinets can become warped or swollen over time if they are exposed to water. If you do have water damage, you’ll want to make sure there isn’t any mold. Mold is very dangerous and can put your entire family’s health at risk.

Your Taste Has Changed

If you’ve been in your home for a while, there is a good chance that the cabinets you loved then are no longer in style today. Your taste has likely changed as well. If you have a bigger budget for your renovation, it might be time to completely replace the cabinets in your home to something more updated. Make sure your new cabinets are on trend by checking out what the professionals at Better Homes and Gardens have to say about the latest styles for 2018: Top 10 Cabinetry Trends.

You Are Planning to Sell Your Home Soon

When it comes to home improvement, few things offer as much of a return on your investment as updated kitchens and bathrooms—including the cabinetry. Updating these rooms can make a big difference when it comes time to list your home. Not only can you list for a higher selling price, but the chances of getting an offer sooner go up dramatically when a home is updated—and cabinets are one area buyers like to see on trend.
Are you ready to overhaul your Denver cabinetry? The team of professionals at HTI Granite and Cabinetry can help! Add value to your home while working with a team of professionals who can get the job done right—and to your high standards. Contact HTI Granite & Cabinetry for a more information on renovating or replacing the cabinetry in your home.

The Pros and Cons of Silestone in Denver

If you’re having your home built or looking to remodel your Denver home, you may have heard about Silestone, an alternative to granite and other natural stones. Silestone countertops are made of a mixture of over 90% quartz and a polyester resin to bind all the materials together. This results in some of the most beautiful and durable countertops on the market. HTI Granite & Cabinetry has come up with a simple list of pros and cons to consider when debating whether or not you should use Silestone in your home.

Pro – Diversity: Silestone can be used in any room in the home but tends to be used in kitchens and bathrooms due to its non-porous makeup. Aesthetically speaking, Silestone is loaded with advantages. The shear number of colors and patterns available makes it one of the go-to materials for homes throughout Colorado. You’re practically guaranteed to find a match for the look and style of your remodel. Due to its characteristic sparkle and shimmer from the quartz, Silestone catches the light in ways other finishes don’t. This is why it can be used in floors and walls as much as it’s used as a countertop material.

Con – Not Indestructible:
We don’t want to make it sound like Silestone is weak or brittle, it certainly isn’t. Most natural stone has some of the same basic qualities that require more attention than completely man-made materials. Silestone has some issues with heat resistance. This means you shouldn’t place hot pans and stoves directly onto the countertop’s surface (much as you wouldn’t with practically any surface, not matter what it is made from). Using trivets and coasters, or even potholders to keep hot metal from touching the countertop surface can easily solve this problem.

Pro – Still Stronger than Average: Though Silestone may not be the most heat resistant on the market, it is made to be stain resistant and withstand some very hard wear and tear. It is highly scratch resistant and does not chip easily. These attributes combined with its non-porous nature make it extremely easy to clean and keep clean. Silestone – in contrast to almost every natural stone countertop on the market – does not ever require a sealer. This makes it one of the lowest maintenance countertops available today.

Con – Luxury Material/Luxury Expense: Silestone is going to be a slightly higher price per surface area than some of the cheaper man-made materials available. The higher price is well worth it. With a fantastic aesthetic value, long-lasting durability, and extensive catalogue of colors and finishes, it isn’t difficult to see why the material costs a little more, but is also growing in popularity.HTI Granite & Cabinetry has the experts to answer all of your questions about Silestone. Contact us today for a quote on all of your remodel or new home needs. Located in Denver and serving the entire Front Range, we’re here to help you.